This is the physical test that demonstrates the correct use of power, technique, accuracy and judge of distance.Only those students who are 18 years old and above have to apply destruction as part of their training.

We break synthetic wooden boards (re-usable) which are actually harder to break than real wood. Destruction shows how devastating the application of technique can be!

Destruction is only started at senior level to allow students to have gained the correct knowledge, application and confidence to break.





I have known Master Slater for over two decades now, I run clubs in Hertfordshire and have Master Slater conduct seminars for us. I have spent 35 years in the art but Master Slater always impresses.

Master Snow VII

I attended a class at Essex Martial Arts a few years back I now attend a class on a regular basis. As an instructor myself I find Master Slater and his team very welcoming and knowledgable

Mr Lapthorn VI

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